4 Things You Should Never Use to Clean Carpet

This article comes from Angie’s List.

4 Things You Should Never Use to Clean Carpet

Oops! It’s easy to reach for a home remedy when something stains your carpet … but that’s not always the best choice.

There are books that tell you to “Eat This, Not That!” The same idea applies to your home’s carpet: There are things you should and shouldn’t use to clean your carpet.

Protect your expensive investment by knowing the four things that should never go on your carpet.

1. Bleach

While it’s a great whitener for your dirty socks, bleach generally is a no-no on the carpet. The problem with bleach is that it strips things of their color, and this is true for carpet as well. So if you have a large stain on your dark carpet, bleach is not the way to go.

2. White wine

Although white wine can be used to neutralize a red wine stain, there are better methods for removing red wine from your carpet. (Besides, do you really want to waste a good glass of white wine on cleaning carpets?)

3. Abrasive cleansers

You may think that the more you scrub, the cleaner things will be. But that’s not true for carpet.

Carpet fibers can fray and tear if you vigorously use an abrasive cleanser or cleaning utensil for stain removal.

4. Laundry detergent

Caring for your clothes and caring for your carpet are two different things. Although laundry detergent can get the dirt out of many materials, it could create a soapy mess on your carpet that will be hard to remove.

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