Can you clean my carpets if I have no off street parking?

This is a problem we run into all of the time.  Here’s a few of the problems, reasons, and solutions to we have seen and came up with:

  • If you live in a place with no off street parking and you want cleaning done in your home we will need to get fairly close to your building to be able to clean.  In saying that what I mean is we run hoses directly off the truck.  The machine stays in the truck as it is run off the engine.  We do have significant amount of hoses but we need to be able to reach your house without having to cross any streets, areas of traffic, or other obstructions.  We also cant be a block down the street.
  • If you do live in a place with no off street parking we try to have you reserve a spot for us in front of your place with your own car or a cone etc.
  • In the winter time we will need you to make sure the side walk is shoveled so we can get our truck right up against it to reduce risk of getting hit by passing cars etc.
  • The only other problem we can run into is if we don’t have enough water after our last job.  If water isn’t near by we would need to know that before the job so we can plan ahead and make sure to bring what we need

As with anything if you are second guessing, or just want to talk to us about it give us a call, and we will talk you through it so we can both be happy and the job will go smooth!