Drapery Cleaning

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Drapery Cleaning

J & R's Drapery Cleaning

After spending time and money to find the perfect furnishing for your home or office, it’s important to schedule routine maintenance and cleaning for your drapes to keep them in next to new condition. J & R’s Carpet Cleaning offers drapery cleaning services in Clifton Park, Saratoga, Albany, and throughout the Capital District area. To make things simple, we will come and collect your window treatments and bring them back to our facility. From there, we will use our cleaning process to remove any built up debris or odors that are lingering in your drapes. After they’ve been cleaned, we will return them to their original place.

Did You Know?

Drapes and window treatments tend to go uncleaned due to the difficulty of removing installed pieces and lack of knowledge on how to properly clean the material. If too much time has lapsed in between cleaning your drapes they risk deteriorating quicker. You can effectively triple the lifespan of your drapes by cleaning them about every two years.

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