Fine Rug Washing

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J & R's Fine Rug Washing

Fine rugs and area rugs provide an accent and character to your home or office space. These accent pieces are an investment and in order to maintain your rug’s integrity, it’s important to schedule a routine, professional cleaning. J & R’s Carpet Cleaning provides fine rug washing and area rug washing in Saratoga, Clifton Park, Albany, and the surrounding areas. We take pride in restoring specialty carpets and rugs including Flat Weave Carpets, Needlepoint Rugs, Braided Rugs, Hand Knotted Carpets, Machine Woven Carpets, and more.

Pre-Clean Insepction

When we receive your rug at our facility, the first thing we do is inspect your rug and determine its origin, looking closely at its foundation, including knots, fringe, lilim, colors, patterns, pile fiber, and density, which allows us to properly care for your rug during the cleaning process. After considering its condition, we choose the appropriate cleaning products for your rug's specific needs.

Pre-Clean Dusting

Before beginning our washing process, we take time to remove any accumulated dust or debris that may be embedded in your rug’s foundation. We typically will remove pounds of old and broken fiber from the rug’s foundation during this process. Our mechanical dusting machine uses pure vibration to beat the backside of the rug, dislodging any matters that have been trapped in the rug’s fibers.

Fun Fact:

75% or more of the soil found in a wool rug is particulate matter that gets buried deep into millions of tiny pockets in the wool’s fiber. Over the years, this particulate matter can build up and start to cause damage to your rug. This is why investing in routine professional cleanings is a very important step in protecting the integrity of your fine rug and area rug.

J & R's Fine Rug Washing Process

Submersion Method
During this process, we submerge your rug completely into a mild solution that has been designed for your rug’s specific needs that we have determined during our inspection. Although this is one of the most thorough cleaning processes, not all rugs can be washed using this method because not all rugs are constructed the same.

Rotary Shampoo with Fresh Water Extraction
If your rug doesn’t meet our standards for submersion washing, we use this method. This process is a cost-effective solution for lightly soiled synthetic pieces.

Mist and Brush
This technique is used when we know for sure there is a 100% chance that the dye in your rug may bleed. This is also a post-cleaning technique.

Dry Foam Shampooing
Dry foam is necessary when your rug has specialty fibers or if there is a major concern of buckling, dimensional stability, or a possibility that dye may bleed. Most Afghan rugs fall into this category.

Absorbent Pad Cleaning
This technique is incorporated as a post process when we are concerned that wick up is a potential.
We like to use a 100% natural process of flushing your rug with fresh, clean, cold water. We run this water over your rug until it runs clear, which ensures there is no shampoo, sticky residue, or grime left behind. In many cases, this allows us to give you a rug that is cleaner than when you first purchased it.
Pre-dry Grooming
After washing and rinsing your rug, we take the time to engage in the grooming process which allows us to prepare your rug fiber’s to dry in the correct position.

Tower Drying
Temperature, humidity, and airflow are critical factors in properly drying your fine rug or area rug. We use a drying tower which allows warm, dry air to flow around the rug and speeds up the drying process.

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