Is J and R Carpet Cleaners pushy with up-sells?

We have a couple of different products that we do sell on top of our regular cleaning process.  These range from odor  products to protective products.  We are however much different then other companies.

When we quote you over the phone we quote you  a price that we will respect.  We are not going to get into your house and try to nickel and dime you for all we can get.  We both even felt uncomfortable having to approach people about these products as some people wanted nothing to do with them, and some people were very happy to hear about them.  To solve this we created a pamphlet that has the information for these products inside.  This way when we get into your house and start to set up the job we can hand you the pamphlet and let you read what they do at your leisure.

Both of the products don’t have to be applied until the end so you have plenty of time to think or talk to your significant other about it while we are cleaning.  If you want more information we are here to explain, and tell you more about the benefits of each!