What Are J and R’s Tips For Safety For Elderly Carpet Cleaning?

There are many things you can do to make it not only comfortable for elderly people to get their carpets cleaned, but also safe.  When we are cleaning and for about 5 hours after we are done cleaning your carpets are a little bit damp. The only time this comes into play as a danger is when people walk from the damp carpet onto any hardwood or tile.  For the older generations this can cause great distress for family members, or caretakers.
The best thing that can be done to make sure everyone is safe is to either have a pair of non slip bottom slippers, or even lay towels in walking lanes that are tile or hardwood so there is no worry of slip and fall. Also what can be done is right after we clean the first room of the house which is usually the farthest point from the truck, we can move that person into that room and make sure they are comfortable and wont have to move for a short period of time.
The best advice is to always have someone there however.  We also dry the carpets more then normal when working with elderly people to help insure their safety!
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