Why Your Office or Commercial Space Needs to Be Cleaned

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Why Your Office or Commercial Space Needs to Be Cleaned

Germs spread around the workplace like wildfire, hiding on unexpected surfaces, and resulting in various levels of illness. And it’s not just in office environment, it happens in warehouses, retail stores, and of course, healthcare facilities. Below are five reasons your office or commercial space needs to be cleaned.

1. Fewer sick days

It doesn’t take a genius to figure this one out. Sick days cost businesses more than $225 billion dollars each year and result in 54% loss in productivity. Keep your employees healthy by keeping your work environment clean and you will reap the rewards of fewer sick days. Make sure there is a focus on daily disinfecting of surfaces, vacuuming carpets, washing floors, and sanitizing restrooms to minimize the spread. Hand sanitizer wall dispensers help too.

2. Cleanliness breeds satisfaction

A clean space improves energy, productivity, and satisfaction. A dirty office affects morale. Honestly, would you want to put your lunch in a dirty fridge, or see stains on upholstery and carpets during meetings? Keep a space clean and keep your employees feeling like their workplace is appreciated.

3. Improved productivity

A dirty environment can be wreaking havoc on your employees and they may not even realize it. I’m talking about the effects that lingering dust and germs can have on their breathing, energy levels, headaches or skin. They may not be visibly sick, but they may be feeling a lack motivation or initiative due to these unsuspecting causes. Improved cleaning practices, as well as routine, professional cleaning services will positively impact the overall health of employees. Bonus – you’ll improve your bottom line by having more productive and present employees!

4. It’s your image at stake

It’s not just your employees who interact with your spaces each day — it’s also your suppliers, potential and current clients, business partners and prospective employees. Do you want them leaving with an impression that your workplace is filthy or unprofessional? Make sure you have the right cleaning strategies in place from the front door, to the forklift, to the restrooms, to the boardrooms.

5. Preserves assets over the long term

Let’s switch gears from people now and talk about the expensive assets in your building, particularly carpets and hard floors. If you aren’t cleaning them regularly and with the right cleaning products, you can kiss those lovely carpets and scratch-free, shiny floors goodbye. Investing in professional commercial carpet cleaning services, upholstery cleaning services, or drapery cleaning services can make the every day cleaning process more effective and efficient.

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