Why should spouses should leave notes for their significant other when they don’t know exactly what they want done?

Many times when we get into a house where the wife is the one who called us , and wanted the cleaning done she isn’t the one home.  This can cause many problems for us.  These include:

1. The husband having a vague idea of what she want’s cleaned so he guesses, and by the time she gets home she gives us a call and asks why we didn’t clean this area or that when we really cleaned exactly what he told us to, and now we have to try to figure out what to do as we have a minimum charge to come out and do a job no matter what the size.

2.  We end up a cleaning a room that she didn’t want cleaned because it was new etc which can cause problems with carpet protector applied by the factory, or she will want a refund even though the cleaning is complete.

3.  The husband has no idea where certain problem areas in her eyes are, where certain odors are, or other specifications she would have liked us to follow.


In saying all of this this could also easily apply the other way we were just using this as an example.  Basically what we are saying is we want who ever called, and who really wants the cleaning to either be there or to have left us a note specifying exactly what they want done, and what they want us to focus on as we want everyone to be happy the first time we leave.  We know there are many more times the husband may be more precise on cleaning then a wife but as stated we were using this as an example.  A simple note solves pretty much every problem we can encounter as usually either significant other can decipher a note about their own house enough to get us through the cleaning process without any mistakes, or problems coming up.